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Monster Motion 10"x3" (3.00-4, 260X85) Pneumatic Mobility Tire with Spirit Ribbed Tread

price: $29.99 (new)
Our 10"x3" (3.00-4, 260X85) pneumatic tire with C179G Spirit Ribbed tread pattern from Primo fits many mobility scooters and power chairs. Typically used as the front tire for mobility scooters. Non-marking gray rubber.

Brand: Primo
Tire type: Pneumatic
Tire size: 10"x3" (3.00-4, 260x85)
Tread code: C179G
Tread name: Spirit Ribbed

Dalton Medical SC-S135 HD
Dalton Medical SC-S145 HD
Heartway Bolero (PF2)
Heartway Bolero S (PF2S)
Heartway Mirage (PF6)
Heartway Mirage C (PF6C)
Merits Pioneer 4 (S141/S1412/S1413)
Merits Pioneer 9 (S331/S337/S3371)
Orthofab Star 3 Scooter
Orthofab Star 4 Scooter
Pride Celebrity 2000 (SC4000/SC4400)
Pride Celebrity X (SC400/SC4001/SC440/SC4401)
Pride Cyclone (SPSC4000/SPSC4400)
Pride Laser (SPSC300/SPSC340)
Pride Legend (SC300/SCVA300/SC340/SCVA340)
Pride Legend (SC3000/SC3400)
Pride Shuttle (SC100/SC140) Pride Victory 3 (SC160/SC1600 and Victory 4 (SC170/SC1700)
Pride Vista (SC166)
Rascal 230 & 240 Deluxe
Rascal 235 & 245 Chauffeur
Rascal 305
Rascal 600F ConvertAble
Rascal 600T ConvertAble
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 (888B-4)
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Deluxe (888-4L)
Tuffcare Challenger Escort 4300

Pair of (2) 9" X 3" Black Jazzy Select Elite & Sport Solid Drive Tires whlasmb2017

price: $169.97 (new)
this listing is for Pair of (2) 9"x3" (2.80/2.50-4) Flat-Free Drive tires w/ Silver Rim & Black Tire for Jazzy Select Elite & Pride TSS 300. Solid tires are mounted to split rims using a compression device such as a bench vise or "c" clamp. As well, longer screws with same thread can be used to start rim compression. Solid tires for Pride Mobility are wider than other manufacturers, so when ordering these tires, make certain you have a pride powerchair. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

200 x 50 Solid Foam-Filled Tire - Ribbed Tread - Primo Spirit

price: $29.75 (new)
Brand new, high quality tire. Fits multiple makes and models. Please check your current tire to confirm the size.

Pair of (2) Pride Jazzy Select 6 10 X 3 260 X 85 3.00 - 4 Solid Wheelchair Tires

price: $119.37 (new)
this listing is for a Pair of (2) Pride Jazzy Select 6 10 X 3 Solid Wheelchair Tires. Approximate bead to bead 3-1/4". Your wheelchair or scooter should have a two piece wheel (also called a split rim, imagine halving a yo yo). Since a foam filled tire is basically a pneumatic tire filled with foam during the manufacturing process, tire sizing is the same. However the bead width of the split rim can vary. The bead width is the distance between the inside of the rims lip, where the edge of the tire seats. This is because there was never standard (split rim) bead width sizing adopted in the wheelchair/scooter industry. As a result you can have several tires of the same size with different bead widths and only one of them will properly fit your split rim. If the bead width of the tire you purchase is too narrow for your split rim, there will not be enough compression between the two halves of your split rim against the tire causing the tire to rotate separately. If the bead width is too wide, you will never get the two halves of the split rim and the tire screwed back together. Taking the time to measure bead width will ensure you purchase the right foam filled tire and save you from an installation headache and the hassle of sending them back. Returned tires will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. We as well, sell a compression tool that makes the job much easier, found here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OXNF3JI You can see how it works here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXLt-y32aFA

Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

price: $614.51 (new), $667.95 (used)
Spitfire Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter, 4 Wheel

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride

price: $599.00 (new)
Are you looking for the best value Mobility Scooter for yourself or a loved one that's easy to transport, without sacrificing quality or maneuverability? Whether you or your loved one needs help getting around the house and shopping or desires the freedom to travel and keep up with the family, this Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride can easily maneuver around hallways and doorframes and is compact enough for use during travel. Regain your independence! Offering premium quality, you get great maneuverability in tight spaces with a sharp turning radius and smooth drive. This mobility scooter offers the benefits of a high range travel mobility scooter such as a top speed of 4mph with a 6.3 mile drive range, flat free tires, forward/reverse controls, and a weight capacity of a whooping 275 lbs. Travel freely in comfort and style! This travel scooter features an attractive fully-padded faux-leather seat that offers an adjustable height to suit users of nearly all heights, as well as padded armrests that flip up for convenient boarding and exiting of the scooter and a convenient front basket for stowing away personal items. Designed to be easy to transport, it can be quickly disassemble into 5 lightweight pieces, that easily fit in the trunk of an average sized sedan. The heaviest piece is only 27.5 lbs, light enough for most users to be able to easily carry independently.

Gatsby Vintage Full Size Fast Mobility Scooter Long Range (Red) - Limited Edition!

price: $3,495.00 (new)
Modeled after the most popular car of the roaring 20's, the Gatsby is a luxurious full-size mobility scooter that will get you where you're going in true style. It's a vintage classic with a modern twist.

Driving at night is a breeze with the Gatsby! Luminous front headlights & taillights light your way. Front + rear turn signals, hazard lights & rear-view mirrors add safety.

The Gatsby's leather high-back captain's seat features adjustable, flip-up armrests & a unique swivel feature for easy transfers. The adjustable 180° swivel seat can be locked at 45° intervals, while the adjustable headrest & reclining seat allow you to get comfortable your way.

A cup holder is built into the adjustable tiller. Your personal items will fit perfectly inside the front "trunk" of the Gatsby. This lockable storage has its own key & prevents theft. Easily store your shopping, purse, wallet, keys, phone & more!

The ergonomic Delta tiller makes it easy to drive with one hand at a time, which is ideal if you suffer from arthritis or hand pain. Simply pull or push the lever with one hand to move forward or back. Monitor your battery life & speed with the backlit battery gauge and speedometer.

Drive comfortably outdoors with the Gatsby's large 14" pneumatic tires & 4" ground clearance. Independent suspension and a powerful 950 watt motor offer a smooth ride every time. A silver chrome bumper adds style & safety to both the front and back of this beautiful electric scooter. With the universal accessory hitch on the back, you can add scooter accessories. Anti-tip wheels offer extra stability.

Featuring a long 28-mile driving range, 350 lbs weight capacity & fast 10 mph top speed, the Gatsby was built to last all day and night.


price: $949.00 (new)
The new Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter by Pride Mobility offers unbeatable ease of transport, tight space maneuverability, and gives you the versatility to change its color, and your style, in a snap with interchangeable shroud panels (Red, Blue, and Silver). The Go-Go Elite Traveller's compact size allows it to navigate narrow hallways and tight spaces while also providing stable outdoor performance. Take the guesswork out of travel with ultra-simple assembly/disassembly. It quickly and conveniently disassembles into five light weight pieces (heaviest is only 28 lbs.) that fit into car trunks, closets and other small spaces. The Go Go Elite has auto-latching lockup mechanism permits one-handed frame separation. Auto-connecting front to rear cable. All-new frame design easily disassembles into 5 super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage. Includes 3 sets of easily changeable colored panels - Red, Blue, Silver. Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability. Microprocessor-based controller offers optimal power management and added safety features. Thick foam seat offers increased comfort. New seat lock rotation handle provides easy adjustability. Easily accessible freewheel release lever. Easily adjustable tiller. Flat-free tires for a flat-free ride. Standard front tiller-mounted basket is included. Removable deck basket for additional storage. Convenient off-board dual voltage charger can charge battery pack on or off scooter. Easy to remove auto connecting battery pack lock-down system. Specifications: Overall Length: 36.5" Overall Width: 19.25" Per-charge Range (Max): up to 10 Miles. (varies w/ passenger weight, terrain type, battery charge and condition) Maximum Speed: Up to 4.25 mph Turning Radius: 32.5" Total Weight Including (2) 12 AH Batteries: 95 lbs. (includes battery case) Front Wheel: 2" x 8" solid (flat-free insert) Rear.

DW840 Pride Victory 10 3 or 4 Wheel Scooter Rear Wheels and Tire Replacement, Sold in Pairs

price: $180.00 (new)
DW840 Pride Victory 10 Three or Four Wheel Scooter Rear Wheel and Tire Assembly Pair,

Pair of (2) 9" X 3.50" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tires Wheelchair Hoveround mpv 4 5, for use with inner tubes

price: $49.00 (new)
this listing is for a Pair of (2) Pair of (2) 9" X 3.50" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tires. Light grey, Tread C203, 50 psi, latex free. Primo Grande Brand Tire.

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