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Scooter Battery Charger - Pride Mobility - Gogo Elite Traveller - Go-go Ultra X

price: $89.95 (new)
New factory Pride Mobility battery charger. For use on mobility scooters with a 24 volt battery system. The charger as a 3 pin male XLR connector and the AC power cord is included. The charger has 2 indicator LEDs. One for power and other for the charging status.

12" Armrest Pad with 5-1/2" Hole Spacing for Go-Go Scooters and Power Chairs

price: $23.99 (new)
12" armrest pad for Go-Go scooters and power chairs. Please note that older model Go-Go scooters and power chairs come with 10" armrest pads. Please measure your armrest pads carefully before ordering.

This is the same armrest pad that is used on the Pride Mobility Victory 9 and Victory 10 scooters, as well as the Mega Motion/Windermere Motion Rascal 3 and Rascal 4.

Water Bottle, Drink and Cup Holder for Wheelchair, Electric and Manual | Walker | Mobility Scooter | Bed Rails | Rollator | Motorized Scooter | Transport Chair Accessories

price: $15.95 (new)
CR-26 Wheelchair Drink Holder

24V 2A XLR Electric Scooter Battery Charger for Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus HD US, Ezip Mountain Trailz, Jazzy Power Chair

price: $15.89 (new)
* 100% BRAND NEW High Quality Rechargeable Replacement Battery (non-OEM).
* Please feel free to contact us to verify the compatibility.
* Specification
Output 24V, DC/2A/48W
Input: AC AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Output: DC 24V 2A, faster charge than 24V/1A, 24V/1.5A, 24V/1.8A.
XLR Connector
Indication Light to show you if the battery is fully charged or not
* Compatible Models
Bladez XTR SE
Bladez XTR Street
Bladez XTR Street II
Bladez XTR Comp
Bladez XTR Comp II
Currie e-ride
GT GT200
GT GT250
GT GT300
GT GT350
GT GT500
GT mini-e
LASHOUT Electric Bike
Mongoose IMPACT
Mongoose M150
Mongoose M200
Mongoose M250
Mongoose M300
Mongoose M350
Mongoose M500
Mongoose COSMIC
Mongoose FUSION
Mongoose HORNET FS
Mongoose mini-e
Mongoose ROCKET FS
Mongoose Z350
Pride Mobility (EA1065 replacement)
Schwinn F-18
Schwinn FLY FS
Schwinn mini-e
Schwinn S150
Schwinn S180
Schwinn S200
Schwinn S250
Schwinn S300
Schwinn S350
Schwinn S500
Schwinn X-CEL
Schwinn Zone 5
Shoprider mobility scooters
Shoprider Scootie
IZIP CHOPPER I250 I300 I500 electric Scooter

Also Suitable for most other electric scooters with 24-volt Electro Drive propulsion system

To reduce the risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in fire or water.

* Packing Contents:
1X Scooter Charger

10" Armrest Pad with 3-1/2" Hole Spacing for Go-Go Scooters

price: $23.99 (new)
Here is a fine 10" armrest pad for older Go-Go scooters. Some may even find that it works on several other lightweight Pride Mobility scooters, and other Pride subsidiary brands as well. Please note that newer model Go-Go scooters come with 12" armrest pads. Please measure your armrest pads carefully before ordering.

Additionally, this 10" armrest pad uses a 3-1/2" space between the mounting holes. Please measure your armrest's mounting carefully to make sure this is the one that fits.

6" Caster for Jazzy Select Series and Jazzy/Quantum 600

price: $27.00 (new)
Brand new, high quality wheel Heavy duty bearings Satisfaction guaranteed Size: 6" x 2" Bearings: 5/16" Extended Race Hub Width: 2 1/4" Fits the following models: Jazzy 600 (Rear) Jazzy 600XL (Rear) Quantum 600 (Rear) Quantum 600XL (Rear) Jazzy Select (Rear) Jazzy Select 6 (Front & Rear) Jazzy Select 6 Ultra (Front & Rear) Jazzy Select GT (Rear) Jazzy Select Elite (Rear) Pride TSS300 (Rear) Jazzy Elite ES (Rear)

Alvey Key Switch with Standard Metal Keys for Mobility Scooters

price: $32.99 (new)
If you are tired of paying ridiculous prices for common mobility parts, then Monster Scooter Parts can help you save money. Consider our key switch with a set of standard metal head keys for mobility scooters such as Amigo, Go-Go, Mega-Motion, Pride, & Windermere Motion Rascal scooters. Rather than see our customers spend outrageous amounts for a name brand key switch, we searched around until we found the exact same item at a mere fraction of the cost.

If there was ever a ubiquitous mobility scooter part shared by numerous brands and models, then this is it. Our panel mount key switch assembly will hook right up to a majority of Amigo scooters, Go-Go scooters, and Pride scooters. In addition to its great price, our great key switch assembly includes a pair of keys. At Monster Scooter Parts, we listen to you. We offer you the very best parts for mobility scooters that we can, and we do it without breaking your budget.

Note A: Unlike a majority of key cylinders used today, these key cylinders work by turning the key counter clockwise.

Note B:For this switch to function properly, you must use prongs 1 and 3 for installation.

QTY2 VMAX857 AGM Deep Cycle Group U1 Battery Replacement for Electric Mobility Rascal 600F OUTDOOR SCOOTER 12V 35Ah Battery

price: $215.99 (new)
Heavy duty AGM battery made with special plates and top of the line plate separators giving these batteries superior performance and unmatched deep cycle capabilities. AGM Electrolyte Suspension System. Custom Built Military Grade Alloys. Fast Charge Delivery Capabilities. Extremely Low Self Discharge Rate. Safe to use in small areas; no spills, no toxic fumes. Extreme Vibrations, Heat and Weather resistant. Sealed Non-Spillable Non Hazardous Construction. Maximum Power Density and Deep Cycle Capabilities. VMAX batteries have 99% gas recombination capabilities. Maintenance free Operation - Other than the periodical surface cleaning and tightening posts. bargainshore is VMAXTANKS Amazon Authorized seller. Beware of cheaper offers made by sellers using this listing to ship other than VMAX batteries.

Mobility scooter control panel and handle bar waterproof cover

price: $14.99 (new)
This waterproof control panel cover is designed for use when the scooter is parked outside and will prevent water from getting in the electrics whilst also keeping the handlebar dry. Produced in a backed nylon this item is fully waterproof and protects your expensive scooter from the elements.

12V 35AH Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Scooter Battery - 2 Pack

price: $122.50 (new)

D5722 UB12350 12V 35AH - Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position.

Common uses for the UB12350: Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Photography, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security.

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