Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter
Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter


Compact, lightweight and easy to disassemble

It can be disassembled quickly and easily into five easy-to-handle pieces for loading into a car, truck, or van and taking shopping or on vacation. Check It Now!

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* 4.25 mph top speed
* Anti-tip wheels for greater safety
* Comes with easy to remove, quick connect battery pack and more ...

Design With Simplicity.

Fexibility In Assembly.

Easy Replaceable Parts.

The Spitfire Scout transportable scooter combines easy and convenient mobility with superior value. The Spitfire Scout is compact, lightweight and easy to disassemble-perfect for taking wherever you want to go, either around the neighborhood or far from home. It can be disassembled quickly and easily into five easy-to-handle pieces for loading into a car, truck, or van and taking shopping or on vacation. The four-wheel version of the Spitfire Scout allows for enhanced stability on rougher outdoor terrain. The Scout also offers great features like a quick connect battery pack and a delta-style tiller to make operating the scooter easier for those with limited strength or dexterity. This model comes with color-through panels to hide scuffs and scratches and black wheel rims.

Mobility scooters have indeed increased in usage for its convenience and portability in transporting place to place. As we can notice that population of cars and other transports are growing but it comes with high cost of fuel and parking congestion. These mobility scooters will prove its advantages over a long term of period for transportation.

Let us read what scooter97t has to say about electric scooters bike.

Even though they have become very popular in the past few years in United States and Canada, they are still considered a bit of a novelty, but in China and Europe they are a big part of their transportation structure with an estimated 3 million power-assisted bicycles in Europe with over 80 million in China.

These two and three wheel bikes are increasingly accepted as competent forms of transportation in populated urban areas. This year's trend is also having some existing value clear of these urban areas.

With raising gasoline prices and improving battery technology, this style of transportation is unquestionably more practical. These scooter bikes are now an important choice for anyone who want to have a cheap form of transportation.

The bonus to you for riding electric scooter bikes are many but saving on your fuel costs is a hugh one! With no fuel cost to the rider the biggest expense would be the cost of electricity needed to charge the batteries. You would also be helping the environment with no carbon emissions being released.

They are also environmental friendly with no polluted gases being released into the air and are nearly soundless, reducing noise corruption. They are carbon tax and vehicle registration exempt, with no congestion problems and parking cost in most countries.

They vary in look, size, motor-type, gender-type, size and battery type, but with market popularity come more different models of electric scooter bikes that are introduced into the market place.

Their are models of electric bikes that look like scooters and are classified as power assist bikes giving them exemption status also. They are terrific for commuting, weather it's to go to school, work, collage, do your shopping or an impulsive ride through your community.

After reading this article, what is your view about mobility scooter? Here are some main points where I consider as the important part of having a scooter as a mean of transportation.

- Help to reduce pollution of air using battery instead of petrol

- environmental friendly with reduction of noise

- smaller in size for ease of parking

- reduction of congestion on roads as compared with cars and buses

Overall judgement will be having a mobility scooter as a replacement to cars will help the environment (no gas emission) and ease congestion as it is smaller in size. What do you think? You are welcomed to share your views by giving your comments.


By John Bean on April 15, 2014

It was a little harder to put it together than I expected because they had some of the parts locked. A sheet showing the initial assembly would be nice. It should be easier to break down once it is put together.

Unlike the other low priced scooter. this one can be upgraded to 20 amp batteries.
I had it one day and used it to take my dog for about 1.25 miles walk. Running it top speed she had to trot to keep up. I carried my Garmin portable GPS and it registered top a speed of 5.8 MPH. I highly recommend Philips Healthcare. I had it delivered to my door in two days.


By Robert F. Littlefield on April 24, 2014

This scooter--Spitfire Scout 4 wheel--met my most important features so I ordered one early AM 04/21/14 with "One click order" with no response of acceptance (I just couldn't find it)--so I ordered the old fashioned way. About 2 hours later I received a call from Phillips Medical verifying a purchase of 2 scooters. I said no and explained my ordering and was told to log back in and cancel one of the orders which I did. Cancelation was accepted and verified by Amazon and Phillips Medical. Took only 5 minutes--WHAT SERVICE"!!!!! The scooter arrived in Sugar Land, TX Wednesday at 10:13 AM 04/23/14 at my apartment door. Opened the box and had battery on the charger connected by 11:00AM. The only assembly was to insert seat post that required tightening a nut (tool kit missing) that needed only a small adjustable wrench--3 minutes. Assembled the arm rests--5 minutes. On 04/24/14 after 22 hours of charging I installed battery, seat and adjusted tiller. I have run it about 2 miles so far getting used to operation and turned it over to my wife as the scooter is to be for her use. My wife is very pleased with the scooter and likes it better for short trips than the Jazzy 14 chair (which has given top service). Will update later with service review. 5 star for Amazon and 5 star for Phillips Medical. Only gripe is I did not have time to stop for a cold beer during assembly.